Product Development Strategy

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What we do

We start with stakeholder meetings to review your vision, target market profiles and trends, and existing work to date. We'll lead these discussions, helping you and your team to bring your ideas and requirements to the table, and utilizing our expertise to drive the conversation forward.

Concept & Protovision Design

The bulk of the our work is the rapid iteration of concepts; we typically get the initial requirements and features into a concept within days. We then meet so stakeholders can review the models and concepts, and together we agree on revisions. This process is repeated several times until we have a final Protovision, containing multiple use cases and scenarios representing customer and user interaction.

User Feedback and Protovision Report

A Protovision Report conveys feedback, issues and strategy for design and development teams. They're are often used as demos for sales, marketing, budgeting or fund-raising activities.

The Typical Process

In a typical application development process your vision is interpreted from documents, discussions and whiteboard sketches, and the user experience only takes form during the design and development phases. Issues exposed during Design and Development are tied to expensive and time-consuming changes to features, architecture and UI.

This often means:

typical software development process
  • product roadmap changes
  • budget & scope changes
  • architectural & platform changes
  • 3rd party relationship needs change
  • marketing plan changes

Waiting to visualize the user's experience until design and development are under way can be time consuming, costly and delay a product's launch.

Our Process

We're different: we utilize a Concept and Strategy phase to define and refine your vision before Design and Development. The Protovision provides a "big picture" model for all team members and helps stakeholders avoid costly revision activity during development.

Benefits of rapid prototyping:

Protovision Process
  • stakeholder & team consensus
  • clear roadmap strategy
  • budget and scope are accurate & stable
  • architectural & resource needs identified
  • user interface matches your vision
  • 3rd party relationships identified early
  • stable marketing plan